The name Palouse comes from the Palus Indian Tribe who settled in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. There are many speculations on what the word Palouse really means, but one description is that it means “thing that rise out of the water”. Palouse Creek Ranch is located on Palouse Creek and was one of the first homesteads on Haynes Inlet. It has been here since the early 1880’s.

The ranch has seen many changes over the past 100 years, the most recent of which is becoming a casual, private outdoor location for people to share their special life events. After hosting a family wedding here at the ranch and having so many positive comments about what a beautiful place it was to have a wedding, we decided we would like to share it with other couples who needed an outdoor area on the coast to celebrate their special day. From weddings to birthdays to family reunions….people are choosing Palouse Creek Ranch to create their special memories with friends and family.